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Foods to Eat While In Edinburgh

Foods to Eat While In Edinburgh. You visit Scotland and Edinburgh is the first city where to start. It is capital of Scotland that might be enough to summarize your travels if do not have time for further exploring. When visiting new city, you must try something that locals eat. Most of foods from around Scotland can be found in this city.

Before exploring more about this topic, you should know the brief history of Edinburgh. It is useful to understand local custom and culture. When you are in this place, try to be a local even though you are tourist. This city was recognized as capital of Scotland since 15th century. Since that time, Edinburgh was center of science and education. You find old museum, castle, university, and many things that still preserve since old time.

Foods to Eat While
Foods to Eat While

List of Foods You Must Try In Edinburgh

  1. Haggis

You ask for foods that are common and unique in Scotland. The answer is haggis, which becomes the iconic foods you must try when visiting this city. In general, haggis is local cuisine from Scotland not just in this city. At first, there is nothing special about the appearance. You must take one bite and the taste brings delicious flavor. Main ingredient is sheep’s liver with herbs and spices. This menu has been in the top choice to attract tourist. Haggis showed that every part of sheep must be put into good use. As result, the haggis is made with delicious taste.

Foods to Eat While
Foods to Eat While
  1. Fish and chips

You will find several foods based on fish and seafood in this city. If you like something with deep fried, fish and chips is the best options. They are the best combination for any meal. Fish is cooked with delicate method to preserve the natural taste. You can eat with bread for quick breakfast or lunch. Another option is lobster as an alternative for seafood. Of course, smoked salmon is the food that you also try with chips.

Foods to Eat While
Foods to Eat While
  1. Scotch pie

You visit Scotland and scotch pie seems to be something you should give a chance. The pie looks delicious with rich flavor. This is different from regular pie you find. In fact, pie in many countries and regions have custom taste including the one you find in Edinburgh.

  1. Porridge

Porridge is local food in Scotland that you also find in Edinburgh. It is made from salted and dried apple. It was the main food during winter. Texture is solid that can last longer. In fact, you get rich calorie and nutrients from porridge.

  1. Shortbread

Shortbread will be the best companion for morning tea or evening coffee. You can enjoy this one with raspberry flavor or just plain one. Some bakeries produce shortbread with chocolate or something unique to adjust with demand.

Five foods above are enough for starting points. You can add cranachan and black pudding into the next list. While in Scotland, you should enjoy some gins and whiskeys. Local beverages are available in the pub. You visit the order the drink alongside the foods. This activity makes you feel like the Scottish people.