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Unique and Enjoyable Cultures in The Capital of Scotland

Unique and Enjoyable Cultures in The Capital of Scotland. As a part of Scotland, Edinburgh’s culture is mostly influenced by Scottish culture. It applies to norms, beliefs, customs, traditions, arts, and even foods. Of them all, here are some enjoyable cultures that only can be found in Edinburgh.

Traditional food

Being the capital of Scotland has its benefits. One of them is having complete food options from across Scotland. The restaurants in this city have every traditional Scottish dish. Therefore, tourists do not have to fly to a different region to taste Scottish dishes; Edinburgh is enough.

The famous Scottish delicacy is Haggis which is made of calf or sheep’s offal, spices, and oatmeal. The uniqueness of this food is that those ingredients are encased in an animal’s stomach. The food is served as a savory pudding. Another outlandish from the city is Stornoway black pudding. The distinctive ingredient of the food is the pig’s blood. Though its name is pudding, the final product looks more like sausages.

Other cultural delicacies that can be enjoyed in the city are Cullen Skink, Mince and Tatties, Partan Bree, Cranachan, Cock-a-leekie, Arbroath smokies, and of course its national beverage, whiskey. Some of those foods are commonly served during certain celebrations and occasions.

Unique and Enjoyable
Unique and Enjoyable

Celebrations and Traditions

Related to New Year, Scottish tradition has Hogmanay which means the last day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. Nowadays, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is annually celebrated on December 30th till January 1st. The celebration includes fireworks, Cèilidh dancing, concerts and more. Another celebration is the Beltane fire festival which has historical Gaelic influence. This celebration is held on 30 April and covers ritual drama and art events.

Another unique tradition that can be seen daily is the one o’clock gun. Taken place in Edinburgh castle, Mon Meg, the giant canon, is always fired at 1 pm daily. This tradition can be traced back to the 1850s when Time-ball on Calton Hill was not visible due to bad weather. Therefore to tell the time, an auditory sign from the canon was started.

Unique and Enjoyable
Unique and Enjoyable

While crossing the heart of Midlothian, it is common to see Edinburghers spitting on the pavement of the royal mile. It is another tradition that came from the 1600s where the Tolbooth prison still operated. The heart sign was the mark entrance of the Prisons and people used to spit on the prisoners who came into the jail.

Other eccentric traditions in Edinburgh that still exist nowadays are enjoying 99 ice cream at Portobello Beach, eating chips with sauce and salt, getting head tapped by John Knox’s breeches, and wishing luck rubbing Hume’s toe. To know the meaning behind each tradition, visiting Edinburgh is the best way.


Like other aspects, arts including traditional music in Edinburgh are heavily influenced by Scottish culture. Traditional instruments such as bagpipes, fiddles, and harpers are part of early music in Edinburgh. Besides, the music of the city has been influenced by folk, classical, pop, rock, and jazz music.

There are lots of art collections in this city from traditional to modern, with varied dimensions. Those fine arts can be found at galleries, museums and even on some streets.

Unique and Enjoyable
Unique and Enjoyable